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The Novuqare company stands for highly innovative medical devices. Through our years of developing highly advanced medical orientated devices we have always put quality and customer focus first. Our in-house development and assembly capabilities have enabled longstanding partnerships that keep developing and expanding.

Our focus on rotary sealers has been fuelled by our partnership with Getinge which started more than a decade ago. With the in-house development of multiple models, we have made great strides forward in sealer technology. This has resulted in manufacturing two of the best and most user-friendly rotary sealers on the market today.

SealMate Line

With the newly developed P40 and P20 rotary sealers, we offer the implacable quality and service that our existing partners have grown to expect.

The P40 and P20 have been designed and manufactured with the goal to let the sealer world meet the Novuqare brand and products.

Fitted with our latest technology and proven designs the SealMate devices are built up around a beautiful designed aluminium base, cased in a precisely manufactured metal housing, embodying the Novuqare style and design.

The modular design offers easy access for validation according to ISO 11607-2 and periodical cleaning and maintenance. Each component has been designed to minimize the need for maintenance and servicing. However, when needed, the components are easily accessed and exchanged.

The new SealMate devices are now available at Novuqare.
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SealMate 1

Click here to see a short introductory video of the SealMate P40/P20

To expand our brand and launch a new era in global cooperation, Novuqare is looking for distributors with whom we can realize our vision, providing the best possible health care tools to meet demanding hospital sterilization standards. With this in mind we are searching for distributors who want to work together supplying these tools to the health care market.

Please contact us at: for more information.

ProSeal Line

Novuqare has been designing and manufacturing rotary sealer devices for Getinge for more than a decade. The ProSeal rotary sealer line has been designed using this knowledge and experience, resulting is a high-end sealer device capable of handling the demanding sterilization environment.

The ProSeal line received an iF Design Award due to its revolutionary design and unique features. Setting the new standard for rotary sealers in the sterilization market for hospitals, clinics and dentist practices.

A few of the unique features of the ProSeal line:

- New unique design, (iF Design Award in February 2015)
- Intuitive CENTRIC touchscreen interface
- Slow start function for easier sealing of large packages
- Ergonomic adjustable position of the device
- LED communication
- Validable according to ISO 11607-2

Getinge Proseal in gebruik

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